The current development version of hesim.


hesim now provides a general framework for integrating statistical models with economic evaluation. Users can build a decision model by specifying a model structure, which consists of a set of statistical models for disease progression, utilities, and costs. Each statistical model is used to simulate outcomes as a function of estimated parameters and input data. N-state partitioned survival models (PSMs) and individual-level continuous time state transition models (iCTSTMs) are now supported.

API changes

New features

Economic models—which combine the disease, utility, and cost models—can be constructed with the following classes:

Disease models are constructed using the classes:

  • PsmCurves() to simulate survival curves for each endpoint of interest
  • IndivCtstmTrans() to simulate health state transitions with a iCTSTM

Utility and cost models are constructed with the StateVals class.

See the introduction for more details.

hesim 0.1.0

The initial CRAN submission containing support for individualized cost-effectiveness analysis but not for model development.